Meet your next
creative developer.

nested cubes

I build

a nature reserve
a man in a concert
climbing cliff features
a beagle and a dachshund
a diner
on a rock along the ocean

And still manage
to make free time.

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I worked on
the web

And I'd like to work with you.

Work experience


May 2022 — Aug 2022

Enterprise Engineer

  • Develop and deploy a database for critical transaction logging
  • Design internal APIs for creating, storing, and querying logs
  • Build a web client to manage and explore logging data
  • Improve internal tooling via cross-team contributions

Airfoil Studio

Nov 2021 — present

Software Engineer

  • Advise clients on web and React Native development
  • Implement highly accessible and customized component libraries for client projects
  • Rapidly build webpages and applications

DSO National Laboratories

May 2021 — Jul 2021

Cybersecurity Research Intern

  • Explore the effectiveness and efficiency of ensemble fuzzing in discovering bugs within JavaScript engines
  • Develop an automation pipeline to configure and test fuzzer configurations

Garuda Robotics

May 2020 — Aug 2020

Engineering Intern

  • Develop a warning system for autonomous drones during beyond-visual-line-of-sight operation
  • Migrate the mapping provider of a drone operator application to OpenStreetMap
  • Rearchitect a React application to improve Redux performance and maintainability