Meet your next
creative developer.

a series of blue cubes nested within each other

I build immersive

my partner in a nature reserve
a side profile silhouette of an artist holding a microphone in a concert
me bouldering a cliff feature
my beagle and dachshund staring at the camera
my partner and I in the mirror of a diner
my partner walking along a rock feature alongside the ocean

And still manage
to make free time.

a screenshot of a listings page in a mock asset trading app I built called Kopi Time a screenshot of a showcase website a screenshot of the homepage for a food search engine I built called Wok N Roll a screenshot of a scheduling application I built called meetwhen a screenshot of the inventory page in a mock asset trading app I built called Kopi Time a screenshot of the homepage for a scheduling application I built called meetwhen

I worked on
the web
& mobile

And I'd like to work with you.

Work Experience

Charter Space

Feb 2023 — present

Software Engineer

  • Developed a flexible and cohesive design system to ensure consistency in our application interface
  • Optimized the system's data model for efficient and accurate data synchronization across views
  • Built multiple high-performance data-driven views from scratch, including Gantt charts and systems diagramming tools with advanced functionality and smooth interactions
  • Collaborated with product, UX, and engineering teams to design and refine feature requirements


May 2022 — Aug 2022

Enterprise Engineer

  • Designed a database for logging critical transactions across all Meta Enterprise applications
  • Managed a diverse set of requirements from stakeholders across internal teams and Enterprise clients
  • Built a pagination and data-fetching solution for first-class interactivity and responsiveness in web clients
  • Extended administrative tools to manage and explore thousands of critical transaction logs efficiently

Airfoil Studio

Nov 2021 — Apr 2022

Software Engineer

  • Refined the navigation stack and mobile architecture for the mobile app of Playhouse Real Estate
  • Built highly specialized components with data-heavy requirements for Pylon Lending
  • Developed data dashboards and accessible webpages for Lumen Energy

DSO National Laboratories

May 2021 — Jul 2021

Cybersecurity Research Intern

  • Researched a wide variety of JavaScript fuzzing technologies, from American Fuzzy Lop to DIE
  • Explored the effectiveness and efficiency of ensemble fuzzing for vulnerability detection in JavaScript engines
  • Developed an automation pipeline to configure and test multiple fuzzer configurations

Garuda Robotics

May 2020 — Aug 2020

Engineering Intern

  • Developed warning system for beyond-visual-line-of-sight drone flight system
  • Spearheaded restructuring of a large React application on Redux for project maintainability
  • Migrated legacy React components to Leaflet and OpenStreetMaps