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Privacy Policy

This policy is effective as of 13 Oct 2022.

Collection and storage

Wave provides an optional function to sync timers across devices. This requires storage of the account information used to log in to Wave. Wave currently supports Google Sign-in and Sign in with Apple, and only has access to the email and display name of the account.

Wave sends push notifications when timers are completed. This requires the collection and storage of the anonymized device token provided by Firebase.

Wave does not collect any analytics data, perform any user tracking, or use any cookies explicitly. However, it makes use of Google Firebase for authentication and storage.

Retention and deletion

All information related to user accounts (email, display name, device tokens) is retained for up to one year after inactivity before being automatically deleted.

All information related to user behavior (focus activity) is retained for two days before being automatically deleted.

If you wish to have your information removed immediately, please contact bryanmylee@gmail.com.

Access and correction

You may request access to any personal information that Wave may have collected about you. You may also request correction of your personal information if you believe that it is not accurate, complete, or up-to-date. For access and correction, contact Bryan Lee.